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New York City's two million Jewish people form the largest concentration of Jews living in any city in the world. Russian Jews, Israelis, Orthodox Jews, secular Jews, Persian Jews and Jews who are totally unaffiliated make New York the most diverse Jewish community in the world. And that's why it is the ideal place to impact the larger Jewish population around the world, not to mention the rest of the people of New York, with the truth about Messiah.

Each July we train a team of around 20 Jewish believers in the finer points of Jewish evangelism. Then, we put it into practice on the streets of New York.

Beginning with a one-week training program our most experienced staff will guide you through the essentials of street evangelism, which include handing out evangelistic literature, engaging people with the gospel, answering objections, messianic apologetics and much more.

Creativity is also encouraged during SWC as each person brings talent and skill to the team. Some of our best ideas are born during SWC. You will share your faith with professionals, artists, musicians, students and tourists—the richest and the poorest—who crowd the streets of New York City. All this may sound a little scary, but know that you will be part of a team who will care for you as you care for the lost.

We understand that there are many different gifts and callings in the body of Messiah, and in order for SWC to happen we absolutely depend upon our team of stewards. These dedicated men and women (Jewish or Gentile) do everything from packing literature to preparing meals in order to help keep our outreach going throughout the month of July.

These six weeks give you the opportunity to:

  • grow closer to the Lord as you seek to reach others for him.
  • sharpen your evangelistic skills.
  • grow in your faith as you see God work through you and your team.
  • get to know and relate to other Jewish believers from around the world as you share your faith together.

So pray and consider whether you should be part of the 2015 New York Summer Outreach. This could be one of your most exciting and life-changing summers ever. The wisdom and experience you gain just might transform your vision for evangelism forever.

Here's what you need to know:

  Training Campaign
When: July 5 to July 11,2015 July 12 to 25, 2015
Where: Jews for Jesus Manhattan branch New York City

$1,500 (or $500/week) - You will be expected to raise a portion of the cost to house, feed and equip you for 4 weeks of ministry. But we partner together in raising these funds and trust in God's abundant provision to meet our needs (Philippians 4:19).

For more information, contact:

Jews for Jesus • 60 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 864-2600 x 1125

Fill out this form to get in contact with someone about the campaign.

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